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Wifi Thermostat RX15-WIFI

Item Code:RX15-WIFI Features:White glass face plate
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The RX15-WIFI series thermostats enhance your comfort, while keeping energy costs under control. Programmable screens allow you to customize settings with little effort. Advanced logic responds to your choices and schedule, with minimal temperature swings.

Conserve energy by easily programming while away from your home or sleeping.

5+1+1day programming allows you to customize a tempertaure schedule for every day of the week with up to six time periods per day.

User-friendly touchscreen display for effortless temperature control.

A / AF/ F models all in one

Combination of 3 models;

A - Air only, with built-in sensor;

F - Floor only,controls floor temperature;

AF - Controls air temperature with ability to limit the floor temperature

Each thermostat is equipped with built-in sensor and a 3 meter floor sensor.

The floor sensor can be extended.

Technical Data

Supply voltage: 230vac

Ouput switching capability: 16A resistive

Temp range:5~35 deg C

Floor range: 5-40 deg C

Ambient temp:0~+40 deg C

On/off differential:0.5 deg C

Protective Housing: IP20

Housing material: PC+ABS

Sensor type: NTC(10K ohm)

Approvals: CE

Warranty: 2 years


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