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How to use your programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat
is the better alternative to the traditional one as its usage will help cut down on your heating and cooling bills. Research has shown that the percentage savings derived from using the device is higher in milder climates than in extreme climates. In order to reap the benefits of having a thermostat that is easily programmed, you must know how to use it correctly. Here are some tips to get you started.
Choose the right model that fits your timetable. There are three types of models; 7-day model, 5+2 day model and 5-1-1 model, for you to choose from. The first model is perfect if you need to alter your schedule on a daily basis while the second model use the same schedule for five days and a different one for the 2 days (weekend). The last model uses the same schedule for 5 days with different schedules for each day of the weekend.
Keep the device at a proper location. This is important as outside temperature can affect the thermostat reading. It should be placed at a central location and must never be placed in a location that is close to windows, drafts, doors or direct sunlight. If in doubt, just check the manual of the device to find out more.
Use the programmable periods of the day to alter the temperature as needed. The main goal is to have a period of eight-hour straight with no heater or air conditioner on, as this will cut down on your bills. So take time to consider the time you head to bed and start to cool down the house once it’s near your bed time.
The programmable thermostat has many other features as well such as manual override, vacation override, keyboard lock, battery indicator, auto season changeover, filter change indicator, and energy monitor. The more you are familiar with each of the function, the more you are able to use the device to your advantage. For example, the auto season changeover allows you to alter settings in between seasons. Check your battery indicator light to find out when your battery needs replacing and use the keyboard lock to prevent changes to the programmed settings.