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Cable tester ETY02

Item Code:ETY02 Features:used to check the heating elements and cables; loud mouth; damage sensor installation monitor
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Yellow housing cable tester with sensers

The heating elements are tough, but they could be damaged on the jobsite. We recommend the screamer to monitor every process during installation. The screamer will immediately warn you in the event of damage. If the alarm sounds, stop working and check troubleshooting page in the installation manual.

The electrical fault indicator detects any breakage in the heating cable during
installation (open or short circuit).
Connect the electrical fault indicator to the free end of the cold lead of the heating
cable and leave it on until the cable is completely embedded and protected.

Testing the resistance of the heating is very important. You must check the resistance
between the brown and blue cables with a multimeter. Then you need to compare this with the reading on the cable and record this on the enclosed warranty card. It is very important that the reading is within 10% of the reading on the cable.
Do not proceed with tiling/self-levelling if the reading is not within 10% of the values published on the cable labels.
Once the test has been done you will need to install the mat alarm.
Insert two AAA batteries in the battery compartment at the back.
Switch the unit on and the alarm should sound and the red light will be lit when the cable is not connected.
When the cables are connected the green light will be lit. If the green light goes out please replace the batteries before continuing.
Make sure the cables to be monitored are not connected to a power source. Connect the system leads at the beginning of the project to detect any faults.
The mat alarm is there to safeguard against any damage to the heating element during the tiling or self levelling process. It gets connected to the end of the cold tail. The monitor is designed to monitor the cables individually however by making a temporary ‘series’ connection of multiple cables it can monitor up to three cables at a time. See below for details on wiring this up.
Set the switch to the ‘ON’ position and a green light indicates that the monitor is operating.
Hang or place the monitor where it can be seen and heard during installation.
A red light and alarm indicates cable damage or disconnection from the monitor. Check connections and the integrity of the heating cable before continuing the installation.


For a single element:
Brown cable Terminal 1
Blue cable Terminal 2
Yellow cable Terminal 3

For more than 1 element:
Brown cable of the first element :Terminal 1
Blue cable: Brown cable of element 2
Blue cable of second element :Terminal 2
All yellow cables :Terminal 3

Multiple mats are connected to the alarm in series, for monitoring purposes only. When completing the final circuit, multiple mats must be connected to the power source in parallel.

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