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Color Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat TR8400

Item Code:TR8400 Features:Floor heating thermostat 4.3 inch touch screen, air and floor sensor, 7 day programmable, electric / hydronic floor heating
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Choice of programmable or
non-programmable (installer selectable);
4 time and 4 temperature settings per day;
pre-programmed or personalized schedule;
Energy savings up to 33%

Large, 4.3-inch color touchscreen display;
European standard installation box;
Backlight brightness adjustable;
Larger, easy-to-read character size;
Extra-large touch keys for easy operation;
Clean, uncluttered touchscreen display provides
easier navigation.

Comfort & Convenience
Intuitive menu-driven set-up, programming and operation,
with audio prompt to confirm touchscreen entries;
Permanent program retention during power loss;
Setpoint temperature limited range capable;
Enhanced touchscreen security prevents tampering.
Can switch upto 16 amps (230v)
Temperature display resolution: 0.5 C;
C / F temperature format selection by buttons;
Available in white and silver plastic finishes

* Power supply: 230VAC (120VAC optional)
* Inputs: 1 x NTC10K temperature sensors
* Output: 1 x switch relay(R1),max 3500watts
* Ambient temperature: 0 °C [+32 °F] ~ +45 °C [+113 °F]
* Operating RH: 0~95% (non condensing).
* Dimensions:127mm x 95mm x22.5mm
* Backlight life: 5,000 hours.
* Battery type: CR 1220 (Backs up clock only)
* Battery life: > 5years (10 years Maximum)

Useful settings
Vacation mode(frost protection mode)
24hr/12hr clock format selection
Switching differential setting



Packing details

1pc/inner box, 60pcs/carton

Inner box size: 13x13x7cm

Carton size: 68x28x43cm

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