Frequently asked questions and answers about our thermostats

1. Why there is no heating at all?

   A. In AF model, the floor sensor must installed. If not installed, the thermostat will cut off output.
   B. Check wiring diagram, if thermostat is wired correctly or not.
   C. Check if the set temperature is stored

2. What is manual mode and what is auto mode
   In manual mode, the thermostat will maintain a constant set temperature manually set by the user.
   In auto mode, or automatic mode, the thermostat will executes the preprogrammed schedules.

3.  I work at night and I am home during the day. Can I easily make changes in your pre-programmed thermostat to fit my schedule?
    Yes! You can edit the built-in programs and suit to your use.

4. Can your thermostats work with 120volts ac power supply?
   Yes, all of our thermostats have optional power supply of 230vac, 120vac, or 24vac.